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The unifun Led Grow light is a very affordable option for the beginner just starting with growing cannabis indoors.

  • This Led Grow light is perfect for those looking to only have to include one grow light in their grow room for both the veg and flowering cycles. A lot of other common led grow lights, you must change for each phase of the growth cycle.
  • The new and upgraded Unifun led grow light includes both UV and IR which is ideal for many types of indoor plants including marijuana plants from seeds to buds.
  • This grow light features the same reds/blues/ir/uv as direct sunlight would provide your marijuana plants. This allows for optimal growth.
  • This Affordable LED Grow Light by unifun performs like a high cost led, uses less energy, and has very high luminous efficiency, and boasts a long life of over 50,000 hours of on time.
  • The heat sinks have been upgraded on this model which eliminated fan noise.

This light comes with all necessary hardware to hang it, all you have to do is plug and play. We recommend two of these for a 8×4 grow tent. The manufacturers suggested coverage area is 9 sq.ft at 18 in, 12sq.ft at 25 in.

This led grow light is backed with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee best of all as well as included is a 12 month warranty. 

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Affordable Led Grow Lights

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